South Cyprus is the most popular tourist region and this part of the island is infamous due to Aphrodite recognized as the goddess of love. We can find popular and commonly chosen by tourists resorts such as: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Protaras and Paphos. The crystal clear waters encourage to explore the underwater world. Enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the island’s capital – Nicosia, while others who prefer active rest can go in the Troodos Mountains.

South Cyprus is divided into the following regions:

Paphos regionPaphos is the fourth largest city on the island and this area is renowned for the legend that says that in the past Aphrodite arose from the sea. This region is decorated with beautiful coves and nightlife attracts many people who crave new experiences.

Limassol regionLimassol, in turn, is the second largest city in Cyprus and impresses with its monuments and sandy beaches. Enthusiasts who like active holiday will be interested in one of the attractions which is trekking in the Troodos mountains.

Larnaca and Ayia Napa regions – the region is characterized by a rich history because of the population which lives in those areas. Undoubtedly, this region abounds with marvelous scenery and natural beauty that are a perfect setting for relaxing while lying on the beach or active leisure.

Nicosia region – the capital of the island of the same name, is the only one in the world divided into two parts. Its northern part – Lefkosia – belongs to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – state recognized only by the Turkish authorities.

The most popular tourist destinations include: Nicosia, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca and Protaras.

Geography and Nature of South Cyprus

South Cyprus consists mainly of the Troodos Mountains which cover 50% of the island and built of volcanic rocks in which cleavages are deep valleys. In turn, coastal lowlands are placed in the south of the island and formed a narrow strip along the coast, where vineyards and citrus groves are located. The island of Cyprus has a mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and warm and rainy winter. The maximum temperature of the period is approx. 38 ° C, while the standard 27 ° C on the coast and 29 ° C in the central part of the island. The water temperature ranges from 10 ° C in winter to 27 ° C in summer. In contrast, rainfall is very rare and appears only in winter and in the higher parts of the mountains.

Sports and Recreation

There are many attractions for tourists in South Cyprus: Troodos Mountains trekking and hiking. There are 5 trails for skiing on the top of Olimpos spacially prepared for winter skiers.
Of course, the most popular on the island are water sports such as diving, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, etc., which encourage to visit the coastal towns.
There are golf courses in Paphos and Limassol, where you can rent equipment.

Useful information

Currency – Euro (EUR)
Visas – is not required. To enter Cyprus you need passport or ID card.
Language: Greek, Turkish and English.
Time – UTC/GMT+03:00
Electricity – 220 V, customized plugin, you need an adapter.
Vaccination – are not required. The treatment here is expensive. International Health Insurance Card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are honored in Cyprus.
To rent a car you must be over 21 years old.
You cannot bring meat or dairy products in Cyprus.
Goods purchased in the northern part of Cyprus (Turkish part) may be confiscated.
All kinds of offices, including post office, are open until 13:30.

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