North Cyprus is called the unrecognized state in international arena and is, as the name suggests, the north part of the island, which is inhabited by the Turkish population. The country operates only by Turkey, which provides assistance in the political and economic sphere.
A significant date is 15th November 1983, when the independence of Cyprus Republic of Northern Cyprus was declared. In contrast, since 2003 freedom of movement between the two parts of the island was restored, within short visits, but excluding the possibility of a permanent change of residence.
North Cyprus encourages tourists to visit this part of the island with its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. There is the division into public and private beaches, which are mostly in hotels and only guests are privileged to use them free of charge. The most extensive beaches can be admired in the eastern part of the bay of Famagusta, while the most pristine beaches are located in the Cypriot National Park – Karpaz peninsula.
The most popular among the beaches of Kyrenia is Acapulco Beach, whose length is approx. 1 km and its waters are wonderfully clean.

It has a gentle descent to the sea and the shore is shallow for a long time. One of the most stunning beach in Cyprus is Beach Escape, which is away approx. 5 km from Kyrenia and has a beautiful golden sand. You can not overlook Alagadi Beach, also known as “turtle beach” because it is a place for hatching famous turtles Caretta Caretta. Alagadi Beach is located 16km from the city of Kyrenia. Other famous beaches that are worth visiting: Deniz Kizi – a great place for water sports enthusiasts, its excellent location in the waters of Sunset Beach bay and the sandy beach make it an ideal place for families with children. Noteworthy is also Kervansaray Beach – superbly prepared in terms of infrastructure. The beautiful sandy beaches are also in the area of ​​Karpas resort.

Regions of North Cyprus:

Kyrenia and Lefkosia regions – the Turkish part of Cyprus, the capital of the magical old town of Kyrenia, the beautiful beaches and resorts provide a wonderful holiday.
Famagusta region – Famagusta – city founded in the third century BC by the Egyptians has an interesting history and culture and its magnificence impresses visitors up to present.
The most interesting resorts and attractions of Northern Cyprus:
Major cities: Lefkosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta
The most interesting tourist attractions: St. Hiparion Castle and the old town of Kyrenia.

Geography and Nature

The north part of the island is composed primarily of limestone Karpason moutains whose crowning achievement is the highest peak called Pendadahtilos. The narrow strip of the mountains about 160 km length stretches along the northern coast and forms a parallel ridges that cross the valley, the course of the meridional. The highest point of the area reaches 1,024 m above sea level. Southern slopes have no vegetation, while the northern slopes are decorated with olive groves, locust trees and maquis vegetation.
North Cyprus is located in a temperate climate zone, which is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters. In the warmest month of August the temperature is approx. 21-36 C and in the coldest period (January-February), approx. 10 C. The sun shines in Cyprus almost throughout the year, as many as 300 days.

Sports and Recreation

The most popular in the seaside towns are water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing or water skiing, etc. If you like outdoor activities you will be satisfied with hiking or sightseeing the north part of the island on a bicycle.

Useful information:

Currency – Turkish Lira (TRY) and Euro (EUR) in some stores
Visas – is not required. To enter Cyprus you need passport or ID card.
Language: Turkish, English.
Time – UTC/GMT+03:00
Electricity – 220 V, customized plugin, you need an adapter.
Vaccination – are not required. The treatment here is expensive. International Health Insurance Card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)are honored in Cyprus.
To rent a car you must be over 21 years old.
You cannot bring meat or dairy products in Cyprus.
Goods purchased in the northern part of Cyprus (Turkish part) may be confiscated.
All kinds of offices, including post office, are open until 12:30.

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