This region is considered the most green and developed agriculturally and is located on the western tip of the island. Güzelyurt impresses with its harmonious colors: blue, green and orange alternate to create a fairy-tale landscape. In this village the legendary festival is organized at the end of the harvest oranges, which lasts two weeks (usually begins 21th of May). Orange Festival in Güzelyurt starts with a marching parade through the streets, which are decorated with oranges and motifs referring to the tradition of this colorful region. During the carnival celebrations we can participate in musical events, concerts and dances. There are also opportunities for tasting oranges and regional products. Another attraction is the historical and archaeological museum where you can admire prehistorical and Byzantine monuments. Other tourist curiosities in Güzelyurt region (Lefke) are: Museum of Nature, the Basilica of St. Auxibiusa with the well-preserved frescoes from the sixth century, the Roman ruins at Soli and Vouni Palace, unusual for Cyprus due to the noticeable influence of Persian architecture.

Lefke (by Mthan)

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